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Shanker Foundation

Darjeeling, India
February 2009

Shanker Mani RaiHari ChettriTulsi RaiUsha TamangThe Sherpa FamilyPratrap & Rohan RaiDeepenDani BhutiaRajesh & Nirmala RaiRoma Di ChettriArati RaiRamesh
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Rajesh & Nirmala Rai Family - Shanker Foundation Darjeeling India

Rajesh & Nirmala Rai

Rajesh was working in Mumbai where he contracted HIV through unsafe sex. He unknownly passed it on to his wife, Nirmala, who discovered she was HIV positive while pregnant with their daughter Poolja. She is now 5 years old and also positive.

Rajesh is working as a laborer for very little money. They are very poor, illiterate and completely dependent on the Shanker Foundation. They live in Kurseong, about 20 miles from Darjeeling.