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Shanker Foundation

Darjeeling, India
February 2009

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Rai Fammily - Shanker Foundation

Rai Family

Pratap, a former laborer found out he was HIV positive in 2008 after he became sick and wasn't recovering. After he discovered he was positive, he became very depressed and didn't eat for two days. He is very weak and unable to work and even walking is difficult given the terrain of the steep valley below Darjeeling where he lives with wife and son. He says that if he had not learned of Shanker Foundation, he probably would be dead by now.

His wife, Ghoma, and their 8 year-old son, Roham, are not positive. In order to makes ends meet, Ghoma works as a laborer doing odd jobs around the village. Things are very difficult now that she has the added burden of being the sole financial provider for her family.

Pratap's dream is, "to see my son's future bright and beautiful".