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Shanker Foundation

Darjeeling, India
February 2009

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Dani - Shanker Foundation, Darjeeling, India

Dani Bhutia

Dani is a former injecting drug (I.D.) user and lives in Kalimpong, a subdivision of Darjeeling town. Dani and Hari met in Kalimpong during an HIV prevention program.

Because Shanker and Hari were former I.D. user, a close friendship with them developed. Dani shared his story with them, including having been incarcerated and dealing with the ongoing legal case. Shanker and Hari helped Dani to stop using drugs and motivated him to start a better life.

With the support of The Shanker Foundation and Hari, Dani is back in Kalimpong working with other HIV positive people. He says, "This world and its people are more beautiful than before."