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Shanker Foundation

Darjeeling, India
February 2009

Shanker Mani RaiHari ChettriTulsi RaiUsha TamangThe Sherpa FamilyPratrap & Rohan RaiDeepenDani BhutiaRajesh & Nirmala RaiRoma Di ChettriArati RaiRamesh
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Sherpa Family - Shanker Foundation Darjeeling India

Sherpa Family

Pema Wangel Sherpa (left) a former body builder learned he was HIV positive in 2007 after becoming sick and getting tested. He spent two months in the hospital. When he found out he was positive, and that he also infected his wife Ritu, he was very depressed and full of regret for past mistakes. His wife Ritu didn't know anything about HIV/AIDS at the time and became very angry and sad when she was told of her status but is slowly coming to accept it. Their daughter Yangchen is not positive.